Welcome to our blog!
Thanks for stopping over to see what two crazy sisters are up to. 

There must be a picture of us somewhere. I promise to find one or take one. Meanwhile, we are two sisters from Springfielld Illinois.  
BarMon Creations is short for Barbara and Monica. We truly are two crazy sisters that love to create. New things, things that come to life in our minds, or things that just seem to happen as if they were meant to be. If we do find a pattern for something that we would like to try, we kick it up a notch or two past the original directions. There is just something in us that says "good" is not "good enough" until it is "awesome". 

We also love searching for used things that are no longer usable in their current form, tearing them apart, and turning them into something beautiful. Some of our best products have came from vintage finds. It is part of our desire to reduce the carbon footprints we leave behind. That is the same reason we love to use things from nature. We hope to pass this love of creating along to you, in hopes that you will share it with the next generation and keep crafting alive in this disposable, plastic world. Perhaps the two of you will create your first family heirloom together.

Happy crafting!